How to live a full prosperous life

There is no doubt that we are fortunate to live in an age, where technological development, science and medicine allow us to live up to the age that when we were young we never dreamed we touch it. But her longevity raises a variety of problems alongside the opportunities, and we all agree that this is not an unqualified blessing without quality of life.

The most basic level, we all want to live in security, comfort, dignity and independence, and without loneliness. Beyond that, much depends on our health and physical and mental Cohotno. We can enjoy many years of extensive activity, until the inevitable deterioration process forces us to struggle adaptation capabilities are dwindling. Look at the Alexandria’s genesis phenomenon – in the past it was considered to be a reality – now its just a myth.

Cultural and educational background and level of resources that leads to substantial levels determine the total number of options, and the nature and extent of the opportunities that are created and exploited in practice. Healthy, active people can indeed strive to develop hobbies and skills, expand knowledge and experiences enjoyable.

But regardless of health or resources, most of us are missing major components of quality of life in the third age. Particularly at this time in our lives there is a unique opportunity:

Identify and examine the main implications of our lives
Complete unique and important goals for us
And close circuits to improve relationships with people who are dear to us.
The race of life, we are busy and ever adrift of tasks: our development in children and adolescents, fostering a successful career, devoted parenting and managing a home and family life. Rarely, if ever, we fail to “get off” to consider our values ​​and priorities – to answer the question, “What is really important to us?”.

Third Age is a window of opportunity to explore and understand our lives and affect the way we live our years past.

As long as the mind clear and remains our waists power initiative, we are unable to influence what is really important to us. For example, whether the relationship with our children or the children themselves are what we wanted him? Are stiff or proud contributed to a situation of conflict or miscommunication with someone we care about it very much? Is it possible to soften or cure these? But some of these questions.
We never know when that window closes.

As we “advanced” in the third age, the focus shifted toward adaptation to far-reaching changes, particularly the loss – both of individuals and of the abilities and independence. Whether these changes occur at a gradual or dramatic, they put many families facing complex processes, without prior knowledge of how to handle. Below I will detail how mediation and counseling intervention could be very useful for the elderly and their families in dealing with these challenges.

The right questions to Ask

As noted, the years of the Third Age are an opportunity to reflect on our lives, to examine the decisions Cliotino and the various areas of our lives. During several meetings, relate together in a systematic and thorough, questions such as these:

Infrastructure Understanding
A. What values ​​and concepts inherited from my parents and the educational background / my culture?
B. Whereas silk embryos at various stages during the life?
C. What is important for me to keep me? How I would like to be remembered?

A. Do the people close to me (spouse, children, siblings, friends) know what I’m experiencing?
B. How do I express what I feel for them, and how I would like to express?
C. Were misunderstandings or disputes with or among any of them? Are there some day?
D. How can I influence the relationships most important to me?

A. What are the core experiences of my life? Why these?
B. How do I understand the boundaries and limitations that I had and I set for myself in my life?
C. What else would want to experience in my life?

A. How do I see the changes I went through for a living?
B. In what areas I would like to express my ambitions further development and personal growth?
C. Do I have the talents or interests that never developed?

A. What are the things I have ever done for others?
B. What does H”ntinh “For me? How much she meant to me?
C. What or who else was in favor of an important affect me?
For each subject, and in response to any question, you can examine the thoughts and feelings and figure out if they actually serve us. Ultimately, this process creates an awareness that empowering the continued development and practice. He has drawn interest and vitality. The process allows us to navigate our days, allowing us to take control of our lives and relationships is really important to us. Usually, he leaves us stronger, happier and healthier.

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